February 07, 2009

My Ribbon Storage Solution...

Hi everyone!

I was just reading my new issue of Creating Keepsakes and they were featuring storage and organization soloutions for your scrapbook area. This inspired me to share how I organize and store things. So this week, I will be sharing my scrap space a little at a time :)

Today, I want to share with you my most favorite storage item, the Ribbon Ring. I discovered this about a year ago, and wouldn’t store my ribbon any other way! It’s the best solution I have found for my never ending ribbon collection. Unlike some products, you can keep adding to it and make it your own. You can buy 1 tag or 100, whatever suits your needs.

I have mine sorted by color and keep my patterned ribbon separate. The best feature of this product is that you can take the entire ring, wad it up and throw it in your scrap tote, and when you pull it out, your ribbon is not tangled one bit! It’s awesome!

Here is a picture of my ribbon ring (well at least a couple of them)

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